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Can move my neck and spine After five chiropractic visits with, I am able to move my neck and spine in ways I didn't realize I was missing. I had felt tension in my neck and spine for a long time but had became accustomed to it as "normal." I now feel as though a huge knot has been untied and my body want to stretch and breathe as never before. I look forward, enthusiastically, to a vitality I haven't had in years.

A.P., 51

Totally Free of Pain After my 1st visit I realized I has been experiencing chronic pain day and night between my left clavicle and spine. Prior to my visit I thought it wasn't "as bad" but once I was totally free of pain the contrast was significant. Only four times has this pain returned, lasting 1-2 hours when particularly stressed, working hard or overly fatigued, and I can now "work through" the pain to ease it's subsiding. Prior to my 1st visit I slept with a variety of pillow in v

Nurse, 39

Middle & Lower back pain I suffered with brief periods of middle back pain for 4 years and relied upon Tylenol to stop the pain. Then last spring started experiencing periods of lower back pain. About 6 weeks ago, the lower back pain became so severe that I was having trouble walking upstairs and completing daily activities. That is when I started Chiropractic care to correct the problem instead of masking the pain with Tylenol. I experience noticeable relief from the pain starting with th

Sue, 40

Back Pain I suffered with the pain for one week when my sister advised me to go to the chiropractor. My family doctor gave me some pain medicine and set me up for a MRI. The pain was so bad I could BARELY walk. I went to the chiropractor and felt better my FIRST visit. I still have a little pain in my leg but nothing like when I first started. I canceled my MRI appointment. I got results a lot faster than I expected. My family doctor didn't help me at all. I feel I have received excellent

Larry, 56

Amazing Changes The reason I began Chiropractic was that my back was painful. Interestingly, now I realize that my back was a very small issue. I have experienced amazing changes. Pain has helped me learn much more about myself. This approach is such a gift! ... My blood pressure is now lower that it was 15 years ago (especially amazing since I've had high blood pressure for the last 5 years). I also feel like my body is longer. My spine is changing dramatically. Thank you.

B.E., 40 Engineer, mom


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